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For Mothers, of Daughters With Hair Like Mine

Curly, thick, big, kinky, nappy.
Remind your daughters of how beautiful their hair is.
The ancestral history it carries, proudly.

Each curl is a story, a formation of unique individualism.

Tell her, that her hair is a crown, made of curled gold. 
Tell her how her hair shines, glows. 
Everyone will bow down to her, 

Speak of the beauty that is her hair.

Remind her of who she is;
Remind her to have patience. 
Curly hair needs all the patience in the world.
Patience for herself, and from others.

Others will want to touch it, grab it, smell it.
They may speak negatively of it, 
Question it even. 
Remind her to keep her head high, pridefully.

She is a Queen.
Conditioners, oils and gels will become her best friend. 
Shampoos too, but only once a week- Parabens, sulfate and dye free

Don’t use a towel to dry her hair. Use a t-shirt instead.

Don’t comb it dry. EVER.

Moisturize it daily.

For mothers, of daughters who have hair like mine.

Tell her everyday, her hair is beautiful.

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