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Mother Earth I Care For You

Mother Earth
Are you proud? 

Are you mad?

Are you sad?


I try to care for you,

Consume less,

Less plastic,
Less gas,
Less toxicity
That causes you harm.


I try to buy vegan,

Plant based,

Plant sourced.

Locally grown.

Bio-degradable. Although that also causes you harm.


I carry guilt, when I see the amount of items,
In my recycle bin. Trash.

I carry guilt with the things I do use,

My clothes,

My shoes,

My hair products, 
So many products in so many bottles. 


I try to conserve energy.

But I am afraid of the dark, so I leave a night light on.

The products on my hair, my skin, my clothes, 
I’ve come to find out, hurts the reefs
In your beautiful ocean. Yemanja.


Am I a hypocrite?

I try to care for you.



Living requires, simple necessities.

Necessities that I am confused and guilty of using.

Ignorant to the harms they still cause.



I love you.

I respect you.

I still try to care for you.

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