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My humble giant.

You stand 10 feet tall,

With arms that wrap around a house,

And the strength to carry the entire world.

You are my grandpa.

The first male to embrace me like a father figure.

With a heavy-handed pat on my back,

I knew I was safe.

Your stories are endless,

your jokes and pranks, 

and that deep, from the belly, laugh,

Engraved to my brain,

Memories I choose to never let go of.

The smell of cilantro, bananas, and coffee, 

Remind me of you,

And the mountain of food you’d place on your plate.

You’d always wink at me when my eyes fixated on the amount of food,

A wink that dared me to tell you “that’s too much food”,

A wink that said “I’mma happily eat all of this”. 
A wink.

That wink reassured me that everything is ooooookay.

Your garden is your pride.

I mean besides the house you built, yourself, by hand.

Your garden was huge, filled with towering banana trees, and beds of cilantro.

It was clean, with red dirt. Earth.

You loved the Earth,

And its mysterious ways.

Staring at the stars was your favorite nighttime entertainment. 

I always talk about you endlessly.

Your memory will always live within me, 

because you unknowingly, have done so much for me.

You came into my life, as my guardian, 

my protector, my best friend.

You will always be my angel.

I hope you’re getting the rest, that you rarely ever got.

I hope you’re dancing in the sky, playing soccer, riding your bicycle,

eating mountains of food, 

And watching over me, my mom, your family 

with love and pride. 

My humble giant.

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