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Womanhood. We are the pillars of our communities, of our families. And as a unit, we can create so much more.  


This piece is dedicated to all the women in my life. My mother, grandmother, aunties, godmother, nieces, best friends. Every single women whom I’ve encountered. Friendships I’ve made and friendships I’ve lost. Even to those woman whom I’ve tried to befriend but our energies don’t match for one reason or another. 


Women who I don’t speak with daily, but still have a connection to. Women who are strong, bold, intelligent, and funny. They are ambitious, curious, travelers, open-minded, moms (and a soon to be mamas), humble, earth loving beings.


Womanhood- sisterhood

A community of; woman, females, sisters, where there is mutual support, love, and respect. A bond, friendship, humility, generosity, advice givers. Listeners, challengers of thought, creatives. Herbalists, great thinkers, achievers, problem solvers. 


I am grateful and thankful to have formed my own definition, community of sisterhood. These are all women, that I respect, and honor. 


They are all strong, intelligent human beings, that I always turn to first for advice, questions on life, view points, food recommendations.. etc. 


Yes, we are sensitive beings, some of us, wear our hearts on our sleeves. But even through our emotions and sensitivity.. WE. GET. THE. JOB. DONE.


we are the masters of multi-tasking. We lift ourselves up when we get knocked down, and we push back when we get pushed. We are fighters. Warriors. SHEros.

To all the women I know, and have yet to meet. 

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