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The smell of coffee, floating into the bedroom woke her up. That rich caffeinated, warm smell slowly filling her nostrils, tickling her nose hairs, pulling them, waking her up.  As she blinks her eyes open, the stillness surrounding her, amplifies the sound of her own heartbeat. Beating slowly, pumping the blood through her veins, waking up sleepy muscles. She sits up, a nice long stretch, reaching up for the bland, boring white ceiling. Two feet touch the ground, toes wiggle. She is startled by the sound of glass clanking. “I’m awake”. Phone buzzing, a text message. She ignores the buzzing and walks to the bathroom for that morning release of pee. As she sits on the toilet, she imagines the day that has already been planned for her. The things that need to be done, food that needs to be eaten in the fridge, phone calls, emails and text messages that need responding. After washing her hands, a quick glimpse of her oily face reminds her to wash it. But first, coffee.

“Good morning Nai”, her partner greets her with, as he hands her a cup of hot coffee in a clear coffee mug. Dark black coffee, with a hint of cinnamon, the secret to that smelling good, warm cup, poop instigating, coffee. “Have you heard?” her partner asks. “Heard what?” she says, sitting down on their green velvet couch. Blinking her eyes rapidly towards the window, at the brightness of the sun, beaming through. It’s a beautiful day, blue skies, birds gliding by. The kind of beautiful day, that makes every single thing brighter, more colorful, more vibrant. 

It’s January, a brand new month, to a brand new year. Brand new hopes, and goals for the future. Biden is the new president elect, Kamala the new VP. Pandemic is still in full swing, the fear of contracting it has not yet faded, masks are mandatory, restaurants are partially opened, but working is still a thing to be done at home, for those who are lucky to transfer their work to home.  The day is beautiful, but the energy has shifted. The energy of a new day, no longer exists. The days all feel like a rerun, a repeat of yesterdays day. Daily work agendas are stretched to last a whole week.. 

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