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Your laugh

Tickles me,

Tickles me inside 

Deep inside. 

Forcing magical energy 

To move,

From the muscles 

Of my mouth, to form a smile. 

To the squint in my eyes. Feeling you. 

Do you have powers?

And the impulse. Urge. 

To kiss you. 

Your stare,

Excites me. Confuses me. 

Your stare brings discomfort

In not knowing. 

What are you thinking about?

Your stare,

Your eyes, 

Make me question...

Am I truly made of magic?

Like pure solid. Gold. 


The freckles on your face, 

Like drawn marks 

Indicating where I am to 

Kiss you. 

The freckles on your chest,

Is like a treasure map,

Using my tongue

As a guide. 

Your hands. 



Touch me. 



I crave you.  

Your voice. 

Your smell. 

You make me feel

Like a Queen. 

A Queen. Of gold. 

Of magic. 

I crave your tongue. 

On me. 

In me. 

Telling me 

How beautiful the sun is 

Telling me what joy is. 

Feeling what laughter means. 

Your laugh tickles me. 

Your Laugh

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